Sepulveda Basin Brush Fire Explosion Injures One Firefighter

Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Sepulveda Basin-

A fire that involved both brush and manmade materials in the Sepulveda Basin was responsible for injuring a Los Angeles City Firefighter on Monday afternoon.  

LAFD companies responded to fire near 15700 West Burbank Boulevard at 1:32pm on Monday, June 24, 2024. Initially assessed as a 1/2 acre grass fire, the 3-4 foot flames were also discovered burning in an encampment that spans a portion of the Sepulveda Basin. Firefighters attacked the fire hard and fast to keep it in check, while triple-digit temperatures increased the difficulty and danger of successful containment. During engagement, the blast from an explosion of unknown origin sent a firefighter from one of the first responding companies to the ground with head trauma. The injured member was transported by an LAFD air ambulance to a local hospital for evaluation, while 10 other members on-scene were transported via rescue ambulance for assessment. All members have now been released from the hospital and are recovering at home. An investigation remains underway to confirm the cause of the fire and the source of the explosion. 

Over 200 firefighters responded during this incident. Following the explosion, LAFD water-dropping helicopters were used to complete extinguishment in order to avoid further life risk to firefighters on the ground. The fire was contained on Monday afternoon. As of Tuesday morning, an active investigation continues -- 13 LAFD companies and the LAPD remain on-scene. LAFD drone specialists are gathering footage remotely in the interest of safety to human life, while the LAPD works to render several remaining suspicious devices inert. No civilian injuries have been reported.

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