Public Assemblage

The primary responsibility of the Public Assemblage Unit is directed to those occupancies where safety of life is of paramount concern. The Public Assemblage Unit has the responsibility for public assemblage occupancies in the Metropolitan, West Los Angeles, Valley, Harbor and Hollywood areas of the City. The primary duties of this unit include enforcing fire and life safety regulation in public assemblage occupancies including restaurants, night clubs, stadiums, theaters, large hotel ballrooms, convention centers and apartments. Additionally, the duties of the Public Assemblage Unit include street events, street festivals, political rallies and demonstrations, press events, sidewalk or curb lane closures, farmer’s markets, carnivals, plaza events, religious events, music festivals and open flame events. 




  • Issue special permits for special events, tents, vehicles in public assemblages, fire performers and open flames, as well as special effects pyrotechnics.
  • Provide over-the-counter consultations for plan check and event approval where appropriate.
  • Review and approve plans for trade shows, fireworks display, circus tents, conventions, exhibits, street fairs or festivals, special effects displays, special gatherings, change of use and live audience shows.
  • Conduct code enforcement inspections to insure fire/life safety and exiting requirements are enforced.
  • Train, test, certify and supervise all Certified Public Assemblage Inspector Reserves (CPAIR).
  • Establish and enforce occupancy load limitations in public assemblage occupancies.
  • Serve as liaison with the City, County, State, Federal and private agencies in regards to special events and special effects pyrotechnics.
  • Maintain a work force during evenings, weekends, and holidays to provide safety enforcement at time when life hazards are normally most serve.
  • Meet and coordinate with Bureau of Street Services (BOSS), Los Angeles Department Building and Safety (LADBS), Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and Department of Traffic (DOT).
  • Prepare illegal Public Assemblage closures reports for submittal to the Legal Unit and City Attorney Office resulting from noncompliance with codes and regulations.






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Captain I - Felipe Villegas 
Inspector II - Martin Gutierrez (#211)
Inspector I - Shawn Connolly (#212)
Inspector I - Michael Webb (#213)
Inspector I - Francisco Acevedo (#214)
Inspector I - Howard Love (#215)
Inspector I - Leon Jones (#216)
Inspector I - Lamorris Wilcher (#217)
Inspector I - Mark Siddens (#218)
Inspector I - Lance Matthews (#219)
Inspector I - Kwante Hampton (#221) 
Inspector I - Aaron Walker (#222)
Inspector I - Michael Miller (#223)
Inspector I - Ramon Carrasco (#224)
Inspector I - Marteese Smith (#225)
Senior Administrative Clerk - Katey Miranda



Public Assemblage Unit (Metro, Hollywood, West LA and Harbor)
(213) 978 - 3650

Valley Public Safety Unit
(818) 374 - 1110