Assist 02/01/2018

Assist; 08:53AM; 1575 W 2ND ST;; Westlake; LAFD assisting LAPD with a shooting incident at a local school; 2 patients transported to a local trauma center including a 15 y/o male in critical condition with a GSW and a 15 y/o female also with a GSW in fair condition; Additional patient includes a 30 y/o female with minor injuries (no GSW); Suspect reported to be in LAPD custody; For further information contact LAPD; LAFD media- phone server currently down for maintenance; PIO en-route; LAFD Inc #411; LAPD Inc #1475; FS 3; Batt 1; Central Bureau; Council District 14; RA3 E11 RA11 EM18 BC1 T11 E211 RA209 RA13 EM11 FR9 RA20 EM13 E3 RA809 RA803 ; CH: 4; 12, 13; Amy Bastman