Update Structure Fire 01/17/2018

Update Structure Fire; 11:13AM; 145 S Doheny Dr; #BeverlyGrove; 3 patients total: (ONE) 56 y/o M resident of the burning 2nd floor apartment in serious condition with burns and smoke inhalation, rescued by LAFD Firefighters who fought their way through thick smoke and flames to save him; (TWO) 68 y/o F resident from floor above in fair condition with smoke inhalation; both taken to hospital by LAFD Paramedics; (THREE) 26 y/o M resident in good condition following smoke exposure, declined further treatment or transportation; Fire was skilfully confined by 40 LAFD personnel to the one 2nd floor unit in the 29,691 square-foot 36-unit center hallway style apartment building, constructed in 1967; A smoke alarm in the involved unit appeared inoperative (bare wires) at the time of the fire; The building was not equipped with optional residential fire sprinklers; The fire was determined to be electrical in nature; Monetary loss from the fire is still being tabulated; - Brian Humphrey
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KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire 01/17/2018

KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; 9:37AM; 145 S Doheny Dr; #BeverlyGrove; 40 Firefighters took just 17 minutes to extinguish the flames, confining the fire to the one 2nd floor unit from which the person (details pending) was rescued; No other injuries reported; Fire cause/monetary loss to be determined; Dispatched Units: E261 E61 T61 RA41 E292 T92 E269 RA71 E237 T37 BC18 BC5 EM18 RA58 BC14 CM22; - Brian Humphrey
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Structure Fire 01/17/2018

Structure Fire; 9:20AM; 145 S Doheny Dr;; #BeverlyGrove; PRELIM: 3 story center hallway apartments over parking with fire in one 2nd floor unit; LAFD responders have rescued one civilian (unk age/gender/condition) from the building (fire unit?); Firefight continues ; FS 58; Batt 18; South Bureau; Council District 5; CH: 9; 13; - Brian Humphrey
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Update Traffic Collision 01/16/2018

Update Traffic Collision; 6:33PM; 9620 Airport Bl; LAX Area / Hotel District; Solo FedEx cargo (parcel delivery) truck ran through window area (no apparent structural damage) of restaurant at Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel; Three patients total (unk age/gender) with non-life threat injury, including driver and passenger from cargo truck; The truck driver has declined ambulance transport; The truck passenger (assistant) as well as one person from outside the vehicle (location/affiliation unk) will be taken by LAFD ambulance to hospital for further evaluation; Their medical "conditions" were not specified; Media Inquiries: LAPD West Traffic Incident #4699; Dispatched Units: E295 E95 T95 RA95 E5 RA5 E51 HR3 EM13 BC4 UR88 RA867; - Brian Humphrey
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Traffic Collision 01/16/2018

Traffic Collision; 6:09PM; 9620 Airport Bl;; LAX Area / Hotel District; PRELIM: Solo cargo (parcel delivery) truck into restaurant area of Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel; One patient only at this time; FS 95; Batt 4; West Bureau; Council District 11; CH: 7; 13; - Brian Humphrey
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KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire 01/16/2018

KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; 4:51PM; 13754 Desmond St; Pacoima; First arriving 20 firefighters took just 11 minutes, confined bulk of fire damage to vehicle inside a one-story automotive repair firm; No injury; Cause/Loss TBD; Dispatched Units: E98 E298 T98 RA898 E275 T75 E475 RA7 E91 BC12 BC15; - Brian Humphrey
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Structure Fire 01/16/2018

Structure Fire; 4:40PM; 13754 Desmond St;; Pacoima; PRELIM: Automobile ablaze inside a one-story (automotive repair?) business; FS 98; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; CH: 9; 17; - Brian Humphrey
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Update Structure Fire KNOCKDOWN 01/16/2018

Update KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; 12:08AM; 7317 S NORMANDIE AV; South Los Angeles; 31 firefighters quickly extinguished a rear one-story bungalow in 14 minutes; No reported injuries; Cause/ Loss TBD; LAFD Inc #1598; FS 57; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 8; E57 RA257 RA857 E266 E66 T66 E233 T33 BC13 E33 ; Amy Bastman
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Structure Fire 01/15/2018

Structure Fire; 11:54PM; 7317 S NORMANDIE AV;; South Los Angeles; Prelim: One story home with fire showing; Inc #1598; FS 57; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 8; CH: 9; 12; Amy Bastman
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Update Structure Fire KNOCKDOWN 01/15/2018

Update KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; 9:54PM; 12238 W COVELLO ST; North Hollywood; 26 Firefighters responded to this incident which further revealed a single auto on fire exposing a two-story home; Flames were quickly extinguished in just 16 minutes stopping any further damage; No reported injuries; Cause/ Loss TBD; LAFD Inc #1459; FS 89; Batt 14; Valley Bureau; Council District 2; E481 E289 T89 RA881 E77 RA102 E260 T60 BC14 E102 ; Amy Bastman
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