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Public Assemblage

The primary responsibility of the Public Safety Section is directed to those occupan­cies where safety to life is of para­mount concern. The Public Assemblage Units have inspection responsibility for public assemblage occupancies in the Metropolitan, West Los Angeles, Valley and Harbor areas of the City. The primary duties of these Units include enforcing fire and life safety regulation in public assemblage occupancies including restaurants, nightclubs, stadiums, theaters, large hotels and apartments as well as motion pic­ture and television studios.
Additionally, the Public Safety Section has inspection responsibility for public, private and parochial schools, universities, vocational and adult schools, colleges, large churches, child care and adult day care occupancies.




The Los Angeles Fire Department supports the Film industry regulating pyrotechnic special effects used in filming, hiring and assigning Uniformed Fire Safety Officer (UFSO) and Certified Fire Safety Officer (CFSO) personnel to filming locations and administering and conducting Spot-Check inspections.

Authorization For Uniform Fire Safety Officer Service (Updated)



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