LAFD Requirement #75: Key Access Box Standard


Los Angeles Fire Department Official Seal



Purpose: To provide immediate access for life-saving or fire-fighting activities.

Scope:    Applies to all new construction and existing buildings that are regulated by the City of Los Angeles.

Authority: Los Angeles Fire Code section 506.


Physical requirements for access key boxes:

  1. Listed in accordance with UL Standards 437 and 1037.
  2. Keyed to LAFD Medeco high security key.
  3. Shall not be provided with secondary key access.Not required to be provided with tamper switches
  4. Shall be provided with side hinged covers.
  5. Shall be red, black or silver in color. Black or silver colored boxes shall require the word “FIRE” on the cover.  The letters shall be ¾” minimum in height and reflective in nature.
  6. Knox product or equivalent:
  • Low rise Model 4400R
  • High rise initial entry Model 3200R
  • High rise interior at fire control panel/fire control room Model 1300.


  1.  Exterior key boxes shall be flush or recessed mounted for security.
  2.  Mounted 5 feet above adjacent floor, within 10 feet of main entry door.
  3.  Additional exterior access key boxes may be required for access into parking areas or other unusual situations.
  4.  Gates restricting LAFD vehicle access to residential properties or business parks shall be provided with access key boxes approved by the Hydrants and Access Unit. (Knox single key switch Model 3502)


  1.  Existing key boxes may be maintained if providing required immediate access.
  2.  Access key boxes shall be provided to meet current requirements if existing key box or padlock is damaged or requires replacement.
  3.  Access key box locations to be determined by FPB for new construction.
  4.  Access key box locations for existing buildings without change of use to be determined by LAFD local fire station or FPB Inspector having maintenance inspection authority.

Access key box contents:

  1.  Low rise buildings. Minimum 4 sets of required keys.
  2. High rise buildings. Exterior key box to contain at a minimum 1 set of required keys to enter the building and make access to interior key box. Interior key box to have a minimum of 6 sets of required keys.


Required keys:

  1. Each key ring to be provided with every required key.
  2. Each key to be identified by a durable, water resistant label or tag.
  3. Master key (stairwell exteriors, electrical, mechanical, telephone, fire pump room, emergency generator room, elevator machine/control room). Elevator fire service/emergency stop keys, fire door keys, fire alarm control panel / manual pull station / voice evacuation/firefighters phone handset cabinet (all fire alarm system locks to be keyed alike).
  4. Access control electronic keys for elevator access or door lock systems.

High rise interior key box floor plans:

  1. 6 sets with plasticized sheets in covered binders.
  2. Floor plans to show at a minimum: FDC, standpipe hose valve locations, sprinkler/standpipe control valve locations, stairwell locations, exterior stairwell doors, fire control room, elevator lobbies/machine/control room locations, fire pump, emergency generator, fuel storage, electrical, mechanical, telephone, main natural gas valve, domestic water main control valve, trash rooms, other high or special hazard rooms, loading docks and all building access points.
  3. Building manager/engineering contact information.
  4. Elevator and stairwell riser diagrams. Water system riser/single line diagram. Electrical single line diagram. (Building Inventory Forms can be used for system riser information)