Update Trapped Vehicle 02/19/2021 INC#0601

Update Trapped Vehicle; INC#0601; 01:00PM; 2573 Navy Way; https://bit.ly/2ZvKVeX; San Pedro; This incident is in an isolated area of the Port of LA and port operations have not been impacted. The patient transported from the semi-tractor trailer is an approximately 30yo male patient. The deceased patient from the airplane is male, age unknown. Bystanders pulled the patient from the wreckage and were directed in providing CPR via the LAFD 9-1-1 Dispatcher until LAFD firefighters arrived and assumed medical care. Media Staging is on Navy Way (near the 90 bend in the road - photo provided on @lafd tweet) with PIO Firefighter David Ortiz available to assist the media. No further details.; FS 40; Batt 6; South Bureau; Council District 15; BC6 BT1 BT17 BT4 BT5 CM31 CM32 E112 E238 E36 E40 EM6 HR3 JT4 PH1 PI2 RA112 RA36 T38; CH7; 13; Margaret Stewart