Update Major Emergency Structure Fire 07/09/2024 INC#0848

Update Major Emergency Structure Fire; INC#0848; 02:05PM; 1525 W Glenoaks Bl; https://bit.ly/4eVyGNY; #SanFernando; Firefighters continue to chase down flames in hard-to-access spaces within the attic of an approximately 7,000 sq-ft one-story church (split level?). Crews on the roof have cut holes through the decking (roof under construction) and are using hose streams from the roof to spray down onto the flames. There are currently over 100 firefighters on scene battling the flames. The building has been evacuated. Several firefighters are on scene receiving care from paramedics for heat-related illness. Additional fire companies are en route for additional work relief in the heat (forecast high of 99°F). Public Information Officer Adam Van Gerpen is en route, with an ETA of 3:00pm.; FS 91; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District outside city; AR1 BC10 BC12 BC14 BC15 CE83 CM40 CM42 E12 E227 E274 E275 E287 E289 E290 E295 E298 E7 E73 E75 E77 E89 E91 E98 EA2 EM12 EM15 EM2 EM5 HR3 RA7 RA77 RA87 RA881 RA89 RA898 SQ95 T27 T74 T75 T87 T89 T90 T95 T98 UR88 UR89; CH9; 12 17 18; Nicholas Prange