Update - Hazardous Materials Hazardous Materials 07/08/2024 INC#1583

Update - Hazardous Materials Hazardous Materials; INC#1583; 09:11PM; 16208 W Parthenia St; https://bit.ly/3LemqL5; #NorthHills; A refrigerant leak (estimated at 1 gallon) was fully contained at a Food For Less grocery store. All patients were minimally exposed, treated on-scene, and released. No chemical threats remain. LA County Health HazMat has cleared the immediate area, though the store will remain closed until cleared by the LA County Department of Public Health. ; FS 90; Batt 10; Valley Bureau; Council District 12; BC10 E287 E290 E75 E87 E90 EM15 JT6 RA87 RA90 SQ87 T87 T90; CH8; 17; Lyndsey Lantz