Physical Rescue 06/04/2024 INC#1610

Physical Rescue; INC#1610; 07:44PM; 5600 N Balboa Bl;; #Encino; Firefighters arrived to find a three-vehicle collision with entrapment. Crews deployed hydraulic rescue tools and extricated two patients. A total of three patients were evaluated/treated on scene. Two were transported in critical condition to a local trauma center (unknown age/gender). The third patient declined transport. LAPD Inc #4157. Nothing further. ; FS 83; Batt 10; Valley Bureau; Council District 4; BC10 E100 E288 E293 E83 E88 EM14 EM15 EM17 HR3 RA100 RA83 RA839 RA88 RA93 T88 T93 UR88; CH8; 17; Nicholas Prange