Hazardous Materials Investigation 07/08/2024 INC#1583

Hazardous Materials Investigation; INC#1583; 08:27PM; 16208 W Parthenia St; https://bit.ly/3LemqL5; #NorthHills; LAFD crews on-scene report an accidental minor refrigerant leak, according to a maintenance worker. Paramedics are assessing as many as five persons for respiratory and eye irritation. Leak is confirmed contained -- no escalating or off-site hazard.; FS 90; Batt 10; Valley Bureau; Council District 12; E90 T90 E290 RA90 E287 T87 E87 SQ87 RA87 E75 EM15 BC10 JT6 ; CH8; 17; Lyndsey Lantz