Earthquake 09/18/2020 INC#1704

Earthquake; INC#1704; 11:38PM; near El Monte, CA;; A preliminary magnitude 4.6 earthquake 3km WSW of El Monte, California was felt widely in the greater Los Angeles area. Pursuant of protocol, the LAFD is in Earthquake Emergency Mode, as firefighters from 106 Neighborhood Fire Stations survey their districts. At this time, there are no reports of serious injury or significant infrastructure damage related to the quake. We ask local residents to be prepared for aftershocks. If inside when shaking starts: DROP, COVER, HOLD ON! Protect your head + neck while taking cover under sturdy furniture or near a sturdy interior wall, away from windows and doorways until the shaking stops. Please carefully inspect your home for damage, including any natural gas or water leaks, and use flashlights - not candles - if necessary for light. Please only call 9-1-1 for emergencies that require the immediate light-and-siren response of police, firefighters or an ambulance.; - Brian Humphrey