Auto vs Aircraft (Low-Speed) 02/10/2023 INC#1754

Auto vs Aircraft (Low-Speed); INC#1754; 09:59PM; 825 LAX x TXWY C;; #Westchester; An airfield shuttle bus was involved in a low-speed collision with an aircraft being towed on the ground, resulting in 5 patients receiving LAFD EMS care and 4 being transported by LAFD ambulance to nearby hospitals. The tug driver was transported in moderate condition, the bus driver and two passengers were transported in fair condition, and the sole person aboard the plane (worker) was treated, but declined transport. No further information. Direct any additional inquiries to LAX Media Relations.; FS 51; Batt 4; West Bureau; Council District 11; AF2 BC4 E295 E51 EM13 EM9 RA5 RA51 RA867 RA95 S80 T95; CH7; 13; Nicholas Prange