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Access To Public Records

The California Public Records Act requires public agencies to provide access to public records held by the Los Angeles Fire Department CUPA. Requests may be made for records regarding inspections, investigations, statistical data, policies, reports, etc. Certain information, such as names of complainants, personal medical information, and records regarding ongoing litigation will not be released pursuant to the California Public Records Act and various privacy rules.

Please note the following free resource for access to public records - the CalEPA Regulated Site Portal - which is a website that combines data about environmentally regulated sites and facilities in California into a single, searchable database and interactive map. These activities include hazardous materials and waste, state and federal cleanups, impacted ground and surface waters, and toxic materials.


Inventory Lists of Underground Storage Tank, Above Ground Petroleum Storage Tank, and Hazardous Materials Facilities Located Within the City of Los Angeles

Prior to submitting a Request for Fire Prevention Records, please utilize the following lists of active and inactive underground storage tank, above ground petroleum storage tank, hazardous materials facilities, and underground storage tank historical files to determine if the Los Angeles Fire Department CUPA has documentation pertaining to the address you are requesting.

If the address you are searching for is not located within the active or inactive lists or underground storage tank historical file list, the Los Angeles Fire Department CUPA does not have documentation pertaining to that address. All lists below can be downloaded and searched utilizing your device's search function.

For additional records, you may visit the CalEPA Regulated Site Portal.



Underground Storage Tanks

Hazardous Materials


In-Active Underground Storage Tanks Inventory List

In-Active Hazardous Materials Inventory List


Underground Storage Tank Historical Files

Public Records Requests

If you would like to request public records from the Los Angeles Fire Department CUPA, please follow these steps.

  1. Download the lists of active and inactive CUPA regulated facilities in Los Angeles City from the above links.
  2. Search for the facility or address for which you are requesting information.
  3. If your facility or address is listed in our active lists, inactive lists, or historical records and you would still like to request information, please use the necessary forms to submit your request with the facility ID(s) for that particular address. If it is not listed in either list, we do not currently have any information available for that address or facility. See required forms below.

Request for Fire Prevention Records Forms and Guidelines

Underground Tanks - Request for Fire Prevention Records Form

Hazardous Materials - Request for Fire Prevention Records Form

Please use the above-listed forms to request any file search for UNDERGROUND TANKS or HAZARDOUS MATERIALS. Please note that you must use a separate form for each address or facility requested. We will not accept forms with multiple addresses listed. If no files are found, we will notify you via email that there are no records available. If there is a file, you will be notified of the appropriate steps to retrieve or review the files. Please remember only five (5) requests per person/company per day.

Send all requests for Underground Storage Tanks to

Send all requests for Hazardous Materials Inventory to


No Copy Service Allowed.