CalARP Program Facility Inspections

Facility NameLast InspectionOutstanding ViolationLast Updated
Air Liquide Industrial U.S. LP12/14/2016YES12/16/2016
Air  Products & Chemicals INC9/27/2016NO9/27/2016
Anheuser-Busch INC5/24/2016NO9/14/2016
Arctic Glacier USA Inc.3/3/2016NO10/6/2016
Aryzta/La Brea Bakery1/17/2017YES2/17/2017
City of LA - Hyperion Treatment3/10/2016NO3/10/2016
Coca Cola Refreshments4/13/2016NO7/1/2016
Dixon Hardchrome3/22/2016NO11/9/2016
Glacier Cold Storage9/29/2016YES9/29/2016
Harbor Cogeneration Company LLC4/21/2016NO11/4/2016
Huntsman Advanced Materials America10/20/2016NO10/20/2016
ICPK/HPP Food Service11/15/2016YES11/15/2016
JCI Jones Chemicals INC Western Div.9/20/2016NO1/12/2017
Kings Hawaiian Bakery West7/30/2015NO4/20/2016
Konoike Pacific California7/28/2015NO8/10/2016
Konoike-E Street INC8/4/2015NO8/28/2015
LA DWP - Aqueduct Filtration Plant12/10/2015NO7/26/2016
LA DWP - Buena Vista Pumping & Chlo4/7/2016NO4/7/2016
LA DWP - Eaglerock Chlorination STA9/1/2016NO9/1/2016
LA DWP - Enino Resevoir/Chlorine12/8/2016NO12/8/2016
LA DWP - Green Verdugo Chlorination12/15/2016NO12/15/2016
LA DWP - Harbor Generating Station9/8/2016NO10/25/2016
LA DWP - Manhattan Pump Station5/20/2014NO5/20/2014
LA DWP - North Hollywood Chlorine S5/3/2016NO5/3/2016
LA DWP - Santa Ynez Resevoir6/17/2014NO6/17/2014
LA DWP - Scattergood Generating STA6/15/2010NO6/15/2010
LA DWP - Scattergood Generating STA10/4/2016NO10/4/2016
LA DWP - Stone Canyon Chlorination12/9/2014NO2/13/2015
LA DWP - Tujunga Well Field Pumping11/17/2016NO11/17/2016
LA DWP - Valley Generating Station10/18/2016NO10/18/2016
Los Angeles Cold Storage Co.12/13/2016YES1/3/2017
Los Angeles Refinery Wilmington PLT2/11/2016NO2/11/2016
MWD - Jensen Facility8/23/2016NO9/22/2016
Rancho Cold Storage3/10/2015NO3/10/2015
Rancho LPG Holdings LLC8/5/2014NO8/5/2014
Shine Food INC8/12/2014NO9/3/2015
Showa Marine6/30/2016NO10/25/2016
Southern California Ice7/7/2016NO10/21/2016
Spectolab INC4/12/2016NO10/21/2016
State Fish Company INC8/22/2014NO8/22/2014
Tesoro Refining and Marketing Co7/12/2016NO7/12/2016
Tri-Marine Fish Company5/7/2015NO7/1/2016
Valero Wilminton Refinery9/15/2016NO9/15/2016


This page provides the most recent CalARP Program inspection date and inspection results for CalARP Program only, for each facility, performed by LAFD CUPA. The page does not include other agencies or other programs inspection results. To request additional CalARP public information data for LAFD, please refer to the following Fact Sheet: RMP – Public Review Process and Public Access to Information or send email to:

Within 15 calendar days after the RMP is accepted as complete it is submitted for formal public review and comment.  The public shall have 45 calendar days to comment following the publication date of the notice.  LAFD CUPA shall take the public comments into consideration during the evaluation review that follows the public review period.
The process to review an RMP after formal public review and LAFD CUPA evaluation review have been completed, can be found here. Currently there are no RMPs available for public review.