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Core Functions

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Fire Suppression

The Los Angeles Fire Department has a long and proud history of fire suppression. A Class-1 fire protection agency, the Department is an international leader in firefighting. From 106 fire stations across the city, Los Angeles fire fighters work around the clock to preserve our homes, businesses, and lives. The Department has well trained fire and EMS resources, with specialized units for harbor and airport firefighting, hazardous material, urban search and rescue, swift water rescue, and helicopter firefighting rescue.

Community Preparedness/Education

An essential part of our mission of providing public safety is educating the public. In our efforts to increase community preparedness, training is offered on a number of levels – both informal and formal. Through providing pre-arrival instructions to a 9-1-1 caller, distributing fire safety literature at community events, and educating schoolchildren visiting their local fire station, our fire fighters are always willing to promote safety. On a formal level, training is offered to community groups or businesses through the Community Emergency Response Team training course. The members of the LAFD are public safety educators as well as public safety providers.

Emergency Medical Services

The Fire Department’s emergency medical services further extend their commitment to providing greater lifesaving aid. All fire fighters are professional emergency medical technicians ready to fulfill their pledge of “At all times, service above self.” With 726 firefighter/paramedic positions, all fire stations in the city have at least one assigned paramedic resource. The latest technology in emergency medical services is provided with a fleet of 129 ambulances.

Fire Prevention & Public Safety

The Fire Department’s all risk prevention efforts diminish the threat of fire and life-safety hazards. Recognizing that successful all risk prevention reduces the need for fire suppression, the Department seeks to make fire safety a top priority for all residents of Los Angeles.

Homeland Security

The Fire Department is committed to strengthening public safety and homeland security, within the greater Los Angeles area, through preparation for, response to, and recovery from high consequence threats, incidents and events. With an ever increasing threat of large-scale, natural or man-made, potentially catastrophic disasters, the department is responsible for managing and mitigating the consequences of such incidents. It does so by broadening its intelligence gathering and sharing capabilities; providing planning for response, mitigation and recovery, based on that intelligence and actual incidents; providing comprehensive training, exercises, support and analysis for critical events and incidents; maintaining appropriate liaison with other agencies and departments having similar responsibilities; and raising community and private sector awareness regarding threats to public safety and homeland security.

Core Department Functions

General Administration and Support

Sworn and civilian positions dedicated to the administration of the Fire Department. All support functions necessary to keep the Fire Department operating effectively and efficiently. Support staff dedicated to billing and revenue generating activities.

Fleet services purchasing and maintaining emergency vehicles and apparatus.

Recruit Training (250 every year at two Recruit Academies) and In- Service training to all 3,594 firefighters and paramedics.

Technical Support

All support functions necessary to keep the Fire Department operating effectively and efficiently, including training, equipment maintenance, and dispatching of emergency call.

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