Our Mission

The Los Angeles Fire Department preserves life and property, promotes public safety and fosters economic growth through a commitment to prevention, preparedness, response and recovery as an all risk life safety response provider.

LAFD Vision
The Los Angeles Fire Department will provide exceptional Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services by being metric driven, technologically sophisticated and community focused while reflecting the people we serve.
LAFD Core Values
Service – Dedication to our Community
Professionalism – Honoring the Firefighter Oath
Integrity – Upholding moral and ethical conduct at all times
Respect – Embracing diversity and recognizing individual worth
Innovation – Taking creative risks to adapt and improve
Trust – Reliance on the integrity, strength and ability of our members
Operating Principles
1. Operate through Teamwork.
2. Operate to Position the Department for the Future.
3. Operate Ethically and with Integrity.
The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) is a full-spectrum life safety agency protecting more than four million people who live, work and play in America's second largest city. 
The men and women of your Los Angeles Fire Department are proud to serve you. Every day, the LAFD responds to approximately 1,368 emergency incidents. Department Rescue Ambulances (RAs) transport about 591 people to area hospitals each day. The firefighters in all 106 fire stations within the City respond to traffic accidents, strokes, heart attacks, and without question - fire. We are dedicated to your safety. And every day we come to work, we consider it a privilege to protect and serve you.
The LAFD's 3,435 uniformed fire personnel protect life, property and the environment through their direct involvement in fire prevention, firefighting, emergency medical care, technical rescue, hazardous materials mitigation, disaster response, public education and community service. An equally committed non-sworn cadre of 381 professional support personnel provide technical and administrative expertise in their corresponding pursuit of the department's mission.
A total of 1,018 uniformed firefighters are always on duty at fire department facilities citywide, including  our106 neighborhood fire stations strategically located across the Department's 469 square-mile jurisdiction.


2021 Sampling of Statistics for the Los Angeles Fire Department

  • The Los Angeles Fire Department continued to see a rise in Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) responses.
  • The total number of incidents or individual calls for service in 2021, was 470,274; an increase of 7.0% from 2020.
  • 81% or 382,113 of those calls were for EMS incidents.
  • The Los Angeles Fire Department transported 211,924 patients to area hospitals; a 14% increase from 2020
  • The Department responded to 88,161 fire and non-EMS incidents. 
  • Tragically, 16 civilians lost their lives in accidental residential structure fires last year.