Los Angeles Fire Department

Platoon Duty Shift Calendar
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Members of the Los Angeles Fire Department working at Neighborhood Fire Stations are assigned to one of three rotating 24-hour long shifts (or "Platoons"). You can identify which Platoon (A, B, or C) is on duty by viewing the color-coded calendar below.

LAFD Firefighters work as a team with members the same Platoon at the same Neighborhood Fire Station for an entire 24-hour period. They are relieved as a group at 6:30 AM each day by the next scheduled Platoon.

Simply remember this: Firefighters working on any red, blue, or green day can be expected to be on duty on similarly colored days in the future. You may find this helpful when scheduling a Fire Station visit or following up on a reported fire hazard.

Red = A Platoon     Blue = B Platoon     Green = C Platoon

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