89th Annual Wildland Fire Training & Safety Conference

Monday, March 18, 2019

Last year was California's worst year for wildfires. It is now more important than ever for all agencies to work together as one team.

The Southern California Association of Foresters and Fire Wardens has been putting on an annual training session for many years to give volunteer and professional firefighters the opportunity to supplement their training in responding to and mitigating wildland fire emergencies.

This year's conference on May 2-3, 2019 is their 89th Annual Wildland Fire Training and Safety Conference, and will be held at Camp Pilgrim Pines in Yucaipa, California. All firefighters are encouraged to attend this training.

Presentations will be made by departments from across the region and cover topics including:

  • Last years major California wildfires
  • The use of UAVs at wildland incidents
  • The outlook for this year's fire season

Come train together with firefighters from across the state of California as one team to assure our effectiveness in battling a most challenging adversary... fire in the wildland.

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