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What If Your Concern Is Not a Fire Code Violation?
What Information Do I Need To Report a Fire Code Violation?

    If your concern is not listed above and seems likely to be a Fire Code violation, please be prepared to provide your Neighborhood Firefighters with:

    • The exact street address or details to help us find the location.
    • A precise description of the suspected fire hazard and where it exists.
    • If known, the name and mailing address of the legal property owner.

Who Do I Call?

    You can report a suspected Fire Code violation in the City of Los Angeles at any hour by calling 3-1-1 , (866) 4-LACITY or (213) 485-5971.

    • Simply ask to be connected with the "Neighborhood Fire Station" for the address in question.

    • The 3-1-1 Ambassador will confirm the address and directly connect your call to the proper Neighborhood Fire Station.

    • Make note of the time and date of your call, as well as the name of the Fire Department member you speak with.

    • Neighborhood Firefighters will investigate the complaint and inspect the hazard at their earliest convenience, usually within 24 hours.

    • If a Fire Code violation is found, a Fire/Life Safety Violation Notice will be issued to the responsible party. This LAFD Notice will contain a deadline by which the hazardous condition must be corrected.

    • A re-inspection will be conducted after the deadline to assure that the hazard has been eliminated. Full resolution of most Fire Code violations varies from one day to three weeks, depending on the nature of the hazard.

Can I Find Out How The Situation Was Resolved?

    In most cases, the Neighborhood Fire Station that handled your call can provide results of their investigation. Because each Fire Station is staffed by three rotating crews, it is helpful if you retain the name of the LAFD member who took charge of your Fire Hazard complaint.

Who Can Answer My Technical Questions about the Fire Code?
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