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LAFD Urban Search and Rescue

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Urban Search & Rescue Apparatus

LAFD US&R Apparatus

US&R - this rig is commonly called a U-SAR which is short for Urban Search and Rescue. There are US&R rigs stationed strategically around the City of Los Angeles. These apparatus are critical assets during an earthquake, a train or aircraft accident, or in any situation where people may be trapped. Common uses are for rescue work in trench collapses and significant traffic accidents. A US&R is essentially a huge toolbox operated by "US&R Certified" firefighters. The US&R mission is in alignment with FEMA's rescue initiatives as well.

Every week, firefighters examine and refit every single US&R in the city. The above photo shows US&R 5 being checked out near LAX, to ensure all equipment is in working order and the rig is ready to respond to any type of incident.

[ photo by Robert Gladden ]

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