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Advanced Life Support Ambulance

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Advanced Life Support Ambulance (ALS)

ALS Ambulance

ALS (Advanced Life Support) Rescue Ambulance - these vehicles are often referred to as "RAs" rather than the FEMA-standard MEDIC used by some departments. LAFD ALS RAs are staffed by two Firefighter/Paramedics. The numeric distinction between an ALS and BLS (Basic Life Support) ambulance is easily established visually. All LAFD BLS Rescues are numbered in the "800" series. So, Rescue 827 is a BLS Ambulance, while Rescue 27 is an ALS Ambulance. Some stations have more than one ALS ambulance. As an example, Fire Station 9 houses RA 9 and RA 209.

The photo above shows RA 34 in quarters, waiting for the next emergency response. Note the pre-heater connection to ensure the apparatus will start when the crew responds to a call.

[ photo by Robert Gladden ]

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