Update Structure Fire 06/10/2019 INC#0252

Update Structure Fire; INC#0252; 7:19AM; 5241 N Lankershim Bl; http://bit.ly/2R3bfYQ; North Hollywood; This remains an active firefight with good progress being made;Firefighters face the challenge of being able to access the pockets of fire from the exterior; The structure is all one building, approximately 150' x 75' with five businesses affected (extend of damage to each unit is undetermined at this time);LAFD Arson section is on scene to initiate cause investigation once safe to do so, per protocol for a Major Emergency fire; FS 60; Batt 14; Valley Bureau; Council District 2; AR1 AR10 AR2 BC10 BC14 BC4 BC5 CM41 CM42 CM43 E102 E220 E227 E239 E260 E27 E275 E278 E289 E290 E35 E60 E76 E86 E88 E89 E98 EA1 EM11 EM14 EM2 HR3 PH1 PI1 RA102 RA60 RA86 RA860 RM4 T20 T27 T39 T60 T75 T78 T89 T90 UR27 UR88; CH9; 17 18; Margaret Stewart