Trapped Vehicle 10/03/2020 INC#0776

Trapped Vehicle; INC#0776; 01:31PM; 760 W Pheasant Dr;; Mount Washington; A commercial delivery van, while still remaining on the road, is in a potentially unstable position (in dirt) next to a hillside (it is reportedly slightly leaning towards hill). All occupants were safely out of the vehicle prior to LAFD arrival with no injuries reported. Firefighters have tied off the van to secure it while evaluating if they can dig out the tires and safely back it up. A supervisor from the company is enroute. ; FS 44; Batt 2; Central Bureau; Council District 1; BC2 E1 E12 E212 E250 E44 EM1 HR3 RA47 RA55 T12 T50; CH7; 12; Margaret Stewart